Online Donations

Make donations online commission free using our MyDonate page:


Please make your donation eligible for Gift-Aid by completing the form below.

You can also organise and run your own fundraising events for Brixton Buddhist Centre via our MyDonate sponsorship page.

Making a Regular Donation

If you regularly attend our classes, rather than making cash donations each time consider becoming a regular supporter by giving a set amount each month. This need not be more than you currently give in ad-hoc cash donations, but is both more convenient for you and helps us plan long-term with a reliable income. With this support we can undertake new initiatives, provide more events, and ensure that Brixton continues to thrive.

You can pledge a regular amount to Brixton Buddhist Centre, commission free, via our MyDonate page above.

Gift-Aid Your Donations

If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift-Aid can increase the value of your donations online and at classes by 25%. So if you give a £10 donation at a class we can claim an extra £2.50, making your donation worth £12.50.

We can claim this so long as you have paid at least the £2.50 as tax within the tax year. If you attended one class a week on average and gave £10 each time, over the course of the year we would be able to claim an additional £130 on your donations.

Why this makes a
big difference to us

We are small non-profit charitable organisation. All our teachers and team members volunteer their time freely and we operate on a low amount of income, which covers the basic costs of room rental and refreshments.

However we would like put on more events and activities, such as more courses and retreats, as well as take our meditation classes out to more people in the community.

100% of your donations go towards helping us to directly maintain and grow our activities as well as introduce more people to Meditation and Buddhism. So by signing up to Gift-Aid you are contributing directly to helping the Sangha grow, at no extra cost to you.

2 steps to Gift-Aid your donations

Firstly, complete the registration form below, this registers your donations as eligible for Gift-Aid.

Then, each time you make a donation at a class, write your name and amount on the donation sheet provided, next to the donation bowl. Online donations are automatically recorded and can be easily matched.

We then request and collect the Gift-Aid all on your donations from HMRC at the end of the year, and put it to use developing our community.

If you no longer want to Gift-Aid your donations, or you stop paying tax, then just let us know at any time that tax year and we won't claim on your past donations.

Registering for Gift Aid